Looking Long Term in Benin

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Parakou, Benin is TWR's central hub for the evangelization and discipleship of the masses of unreached people groups living in West Africa. Its broadcasts are like tendrils of peace that reach through to millions of people who desperately need Christ. Some of these people are able to hear the gospel for the first time in their heart language. The transmitter tirelessly calls out, like a voice calling in the desert.

The station is managed by two missionaries who live in Parakou with their families. These missionaries are passionate about seeing God's Kingdom firmly established in West Africa. Looking forward, they envisage the development of an infrastructure which will form part of a solid foundation for long-term outreach and ministry in West Africa. This infrastructure would consist initially of two houses (for the two families currently living there), and eventually a total of four houses (to accommodate needed new recruits) and an office (to provide a central base of operations).

Currently, their transient living accommodations are costly, decentralised, and unpredictable. Such an infrastructure would provide many benefits. Six of the most important include:

  • Re-investment - Currently, rent is merely an expense, but - if TWR owned property then the rent missionaries pay could be used as an investment by channelling it into growing the ministry and maintaining the infrastructure.
  • Stability - Renting property is both challenging and unpredictable. With their own houses missionaries would experience greater certainty over where they will live and what they will be paying in rent. It will also provide a safer and more secure environment for the missionary families to live in.
  • Resources- Resources such as water and electricity are unpredictable in Parakou - it is possible to go without one or both for weeks at a time. A centralised complex would ensure their availability through the installation of a generator, and the digging of a well along with the use of water tanks.
  • Centrality - Having all the missionaries located in the same area would provide a focal point for TWR's work.
  • Appeal- There is a request to have two more missionary families join the work in Benin. Having housing ready may not only make the prospect more inviting, but it will also result in a smoother transition.
  • Message - Putting roots down sends a good message to the community and the government. It shows commitment and dedication to the region and the people living there.

Everything required for this project to go forward is in place - the land has been purchased, a wall is being built around it, and the people needed to complete the project are already available. Everything, that is, except the finances. Please consider supporting this project and assist the missionaries in West Africa to fulfil their calling with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.