22 Passionate Producers Fill the Airwaves in Cote d'Ivoire

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TWR Cote d'Ivoire is the laboratory in which the majority of programming for the Benin transmitter is created. The Benin transmitter is the TWR megaphone through which West Africa is edified, evangelised and engaged. It has been transmitting for a little over two years now and is making inroads into the hearts and minds of many previously unreached people groups. A vibrant team of 22 producers work enthusiastically to spread the message of life and hope in Jesus Christ alone.

Some of the awesome programmes produced in Cote d'Ivoire include: Women of Hope (a Project Hannah production in French), The Way of Righteousness (evangelism in Songhai and Tamasheq), Witness at the Water II (evangelising children in French), Thru the Bible (systematic Bible teaching in French and Bambara), The Word Today (weekly devotional in French and Baoule), Aids Challenge (in French), Africa Challenge (development and social welfare issues in French), and many more. Furthermore, exciting programmes in the pipeline will involve apologetic debates, discussing marital issues, a documentary on Christianity, leadership and a mini Bible-college.

To become a producer at TWR Cote d'Ivoire, a person needs to meet certain criteria. They must be a person of prayer, living in an intimate relationship with the Lord. They need to be students of God's Word who are able to communicate the gospel accurately. They must have a calling from God on their lives to pass on the greatest news mankind has ever known: the loving message of salvation in Christ alone. They need to be passionate about media and mass communication as the means of fulfilling their God-given mandate. They must have a good command of their subject and be well informed about their target audience and stake holders. They must be critically open-minded with a commitment to constant improvement both personally and professionally.

Recently, the programme manager at TWR Cote d'Ivoire wrote short profiles on some of his colleagues. A few of his comments give us a taste for who these producers are:

  • "she bears a load for poor African women's interests and welfare"
  • "he has received feedback from leaders in other faiths who want to know Jesus"
  • "he is passionate to plant small churches where Thru the Bible listeners have expressed the need to meet in community"
  • "their hearts beat for evangelism through media"
  • "he is passionate about poetry"
  • "this presenter finds a bridge to move people to the divine solution who is Jesus"
  • "he is a great Christian musician and singer with an intense burden for the salvation of souls"

These men and women of God are pouring themselves out as living sacrifices on behalf of a thirsty land. Be sure to pray for them, their children and their ministry!