New Programme Initiative - Mossi

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In a new venture designed to reach whole communities instead of a single population segment, TWR plans to produce a block of programmes that reach all five target audiences within a particular people group.
The proposed Mòoré language block is the first of its kind for West Africa. It came about when the Global Strategic Plan (GSP) track leaders were looking for a more wholistic way to serve their audiences. Instead of a single programme, this new initiative is intended for a wider audience.

The Mossi live primarily on the Mossi Plateau in central Burkina Faso, but are also found in Côte d'Ivoire, Benin, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Togo. With a population of 11 million, they are one of the largest people groups in the area. An estimated 12% are Christians, but the majority practice a form of Folk Islam.

The Mossi are an oral people and music is important within their society. It is vital that producers use local practices that have helped communicate information for centuries. All programmes in the block will be produced with this in mind. TWR is currently the only known Christian broadcaster in the Mòoré language.

The Mòoré programmes will be produced at TWR's West African partner offices and broadcast from our medium wave transmitter in Benin. The seven-day block will cover the areas of health, women, youth, oral learners and leaders with daily radio programmes. These programmes will provide discipleship as well as practical biblical application focused on the needs of the Mossi.

This is the proposed programme schedule:

- Day 1:

Music & Stories - A music programme that presents Scripture creatively using the music of the Mossi will build rapport with listeners who can identify with cultural elements.

- Day 2:

Women of Hope - Project Hannah provides women with practical advice and spiritual teaching for their daily lives.

- Day 3:

Managing Your Environment - This programme deals with integrating our relationship with God and our responsibilities to His environment.

- Day 4:

Women's Stories - Stories about biblical women and testimonies from Mossi women will hopefully inspire women to consider a relationship with God.

- Day 5:

Foundations for Farming - This programme couples the Word of God with agricultural skills and equips farmers to realise the God-given potential of the land.

- Day 6:

Oral Scriptures - The Mossi learn through storytelling. This programme teaches through chronological Bible stories that are easy to remember and pass on.

- Day 7:

Witness at the Water - This programme teaches children aged 7-12 that Jesus is their friend.

Putting these programmes together will require enormous effort. At least 26 weeks of programmes are needed before broadcasts can commence. In the long-term, we are also looking at adapting this seven-day format to suit the needs of other unreached people groups. Your contribution of R20, R50, R100, R200 or more can help us bring the gospel to West Africa.