Lausanne: The Event of the Decade

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Lausanne: The Event of the Decade  

Word is getting out widely about Cape Town 2010:

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. It will draw 4000 evangelical leaders from 200 nations, and many thousands more will participate across Africa and around the world. This Congress seeks to engage evangelicals on a global-scale and is probably the furthest-reaching of its kind ever held.

In 1974 the first Congress was held in the Swiss Alps. It was here that the vision of the Lausanne Movement was born: "The Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World".

The Lausanne Movement strives to be a "dynamic, catalytic force that propels a movement of like-minded missional Christians who pray, plan and work together on global evangelization".

Through a consultative process, Cape Town 2010 has on its agenda a list of the most critical issues facing the Church today. One of the goals of the Congress is to make sure that these issues are thoroughly engaged by as many Christians as possible before, during and long after the Congress. Thus, The Lausanne Global Conversation web site was developed to facilitate discussion.

As this is only available to the online community, a network of radio ministries, initiated by TWR, was brought together to extend the reach. As a result, more people can take part in this Lausanne Global Conversation and more people will be able to put the outcomes of the Congress into action.

Before the Congress, the radio network will broadcast Down to Earth, which is a series of programmes on each of the critical issues. These programmes will involve an overview, an expert-interview and a discussion. After each programme, listeners will be left with challenging questions and a number to which they can SMS their comments. TWR has already completed two series of programmes which are now available for broadcast, titled: Children at Risk, and Reaching Oral Communities.

During the Congress, the radio network will endeavour to facilitate maximum participation by remote communities. The Congress will then be used as a catalyst to broadcast programmes long into the future, encouraging the African Church to put the outcomes into practice.

Julia Cameron, Director of External Relations for Cape Town 2010 is excited about this radio initiative. She said, "Christ gave gifts to His Church to share. Now Christ's Church across Africa can share the gifts and insights they have in their trust in a very immediate way with brothers and sisters across the world; and other nations can share theirs with Africa. It is a new moment for the Church" .

The conversation has begun and you can join it at {}, and if you don't have online access, listen to TWR Radio 155 from mid-May. Plans are afoot to broadcast two editions weekly - one episode on Tuesdays and one on Thursdays, aired at multiple times during the day. Other distribution channels (for now) include short wave to southern and eastern Africa, medium wave in West Africa, and medium wave in southern Africa.

Get connected any way you can to see how other people are tackling the difficult issues confronting the church daily.

2. Julia Cameron, Director of External Relations for Cape Town 2010
Posted: 12 May 2010
Cape Town, host city to the 2010 Lausanne Conference  
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