Your Generosity is Changing Lives in Zimbabwe

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Your Generosity is Changing Lives in Zimbabwe  

The TWR office in Kempton Park, South Africa was quite a spectacle mid-March as staff members pitched in to pack 11 810 appeal letters into envelopes. After lots of folding, stuffing and sealing, these envelopes were mailed off to TWR friends across South Africa and Namibia.

The appeal was for the Zimbabwe Project: Where Grace and Courage Meet, a project established to raise funds for TWR-Zimbabwe's much needed programmes. A strategic partnership between TWR-Africa and TWR-South Africa provided an opportunity for South African and Namibian Christians to demonstrate their deep affection for the Body of Christ in Zimbabwe.

They did this lavishly. After the first week of responses, Brent Bartlett1 said he was “overwhelmed” at the response, and rightly so! To date, over R 100,000.00 has been received, and donations continue to pour in. We at TWR are truly amazed at the generosity of the TWR friends, who are enthusiastically coming alongside their Zimbabwean brothers and sisters. In the words of Dave Rittenhouse2, “Let's give God the glory together!”

The generous gifts will be allocated to sustaining specific programmes that are currently on air in Zimbabwe. These programmes powerfully impact Zimbabweans who, now more than ever, need hope and encouragement. The country has moved from being a bread basket3 to becoming a net importer of food products4 causing endemic poverty. It has been ravaged by the HIV/AIDS pandemic which is “one of the world's worst cases”5 with over one million children being orphaned.

This is the backdrop into which TWR broadcasts biblically-based programmes with practical applications. These are assisting Zimbabweans to rise above their situation in the power of the Gospel. Children, youth and adults are given a handle on how to deal with the myriad of frightening challenges that they are facing. In a later update we will specify which programmes have been directly supported with these gifts.

If you have not had an opportunity to contribute to this project and would like to make a donation, it's not too late. Please contact our offices at 011 974 2885. Your donation can change lives in Zimbabwe! For more information and to follow the progress of this project, please visit {} or {}.

1. TWR-Africa Marketing and Communications Director
2. TWR-Africa Regional Accountant

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