It Takes Courage!

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It Takes Courage!  

April and May were exciting months for TWR in Kenya! In association with Kerus Global Education, more than 165 key leaders were trained - 80 at a conference in Nairobi, and 85 at a training event for listener groups in Voi.

The Nairobi conference brought together a diverse group of participants, including: educators, school principals, doctors, nurses, key leaders in faith-based organisations, pastors, community health workers, people working with children at risk, and youth workers! It was a case of training the trainers.

The theme of the conference was It Takes Courage! Its purpose: to teach 80 leaders how to effectively reach out to youth with Bible-based life-skills programmes. Its core: life choices and character building. HIV/AIDS was also given a special focus with emphasis on "abstinence for youth" and "faithfulness in marriage." All in all, solid content was delivered which equipped people who are in a position to influence thousands of young people.

The Voi training was also well attended by a variety of influential leaders - pastors, youth workers, school principals, teachers, police personnel, and community health workers. Its purpose: to train 85 participants on how to form listener groups. Listener groups meet once a week, following two airings of the radio programme Grandma's Village, to discuss the lessons learnt.

Grandma's Village targets children and youth using a drama format. The content is based on Kerus Global Education's It Takes Courage! curriculum. The material helps young people make good life choices in a world screaming for them to make all the bad ones. It teaches them that choosing the good takes courage - It takes courage to say, "no." It takes courage to abstain. It takes courage to be all that God has made them to be.

The listener group leaders were taken through different skills in leading a listener group, including: criteria for selecting group members, how to engage group members,  use of sound biblical material, follow up and counselling skills, referral tips, and other needed skills when dealing with group members and issues that come out of discussions.

Commenting on the power of listener groups, the TWR Kenya Director says that listening to the programme is good, but to reflect on the programme in a group is excellent. Listeners can discuss the content in a structured manner and agree on the steps they need to take. She says, "Girls have said after listener groups, 'I know I am going to say no to sex until I am married." This takes courage.

The 85 attendees were organised into 50 listener groups. Their task: to recruit group members before 2 June 2010, in preparation for the rebroadcast of the Grandma's Village programme.

Exciting things are happening in Kenya! Pray for these 165 leaders - that they would implement what they've learnt so that the multiplying effect can begin to spread into all the nooks and crannies of Kenya!
Published: 22 June 2010

People attneding the Kerus workshop  
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