Bandits Attack - God Protects

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Bandits Attack - God Protects  

It is a two-day journey from Nairobi to Lodwar, with a night stopover in Kitale. The route was a familiar one to the team, consisting of driver, technician, producer and overseas consultant. It was one they had travelled many times so they didn't anticipate any danger.

The first day of travel went well. Each of the TWR employees had a good night's rest in Kitale. Eager to get to Lodwar before dark, they woke up bright and early the next day only to find their vehicle had a flat tyre. It took them three hours to get it repaired. It was considered an inconvenience at the time, yet the TWR-Kenya director looks back and says, "It was the Lord's doing."

Since they left late, they reached a police road block that wouldn't have been set up if they had left earlier. The police asked whether they had a security escort. They were surprised by the question, and told them they didn't see the need. Apparently things had taken a turn for the worse in the preceding two weeks.

The police told them a truck had just left with an army escort, and they should try to catch up with them. They were told that if they didn't catch up after 70km, they should turn back. They drove quickly over the rough, bumpy path and managed to connect with the convoy.

The truck was carrying building materials, and was leading the convoy, with the army in tow, and our team of faithful believers bringing up the rear. All of a sudden, the convoy stopped. Gun fire was heard and the army officers sprang out their car, with guns blazing. The team was instructed to get out the car and lie down for safety.

They couldn't see what was going on, except that the army personnel ran into the forest, pursuing the bandits. A gun fight ensued and the officers returned unscathed. They reported that a group of young men were trying to hijack the convoy in order to rob them for money to go to school. The poverty levels there are high.

After this drama, they were able to continue with their journey, and arrived in Lodwar late that night. The driver commented to the TWR-Kenya director,  "The prayers that we pray every morning at our devotions - they are not for nothing." A seemingly inconvenient flat tyre delayed them, but it ensured that they were not the first target on the road that morning.

Within two days, the team was able to set up a simple studio operation in Lodwar. They transferred all their equipment from the people who were hosting the broadcasts, and now the TWR station in Lodwar is broadcasting live! The producer remained behind to manage the broadcasts, and the rest of the team made it home safely to Kitale with a security escort.

The station is near the Kakuma refugee camp, which contains Somali and Sudanese refugees who desperately need to hear the gospel. Also, the people in the Lodwar area have been at war with one another for many years, and so TWR-Kenya is planning to broadcast peace messages in the local languages. We pray that people will come to know the TWR station as the voice of peace that brings people together in the name of Jesus.
Published 30 June 2010
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