Zimbabweans get the Total Package of God's Word

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Zimbabweans get the Total Package of God's Word  

Over R 113 000.00 has been raised for TWR-Zimbabwe to date! This means that all of TWR Zimbabwe's programmes will benefit, and continue to broadcast, impacting Zimbabwe with God's Word of truth.

We thought that the best way to thank you is to let you read this Zimbabwean's response, which says it all!

"My name is Sifiso.1... l started listening to Rumutsurudzo2 with Rev. Bapiro (Programme Director for TWR Zimbabwe) at a tender age.  I want to thank Rev. Bapiro for his programme.  I have grown closer to Christ because of his teachings. Later on as l grew up, l started listening to The Radio Bible.3 What l like about TWR is that it teaches people … It teaches people to grow in Christ and impact their communities. It trains people in understanding the Word of God and applying it in day-to-day living. TWR trains you in the total package of the Word of God.  You develop in knowledge and in your intimacy with Christ and in your appreciation of the Word of God.   I have matured in the Word of God.  TWR continues to give me an in-depth study of the Word... They build up foundations and they grow with you to maturity.  

"I have benefited from TWR.  I love TWR. It has changed my life.  It has changed people around me.  I have introduced other people to TWR and share with them what l learn from listening to TWR. I have also grown in leadership knowledge from Rev Dube's programme, Tools for Wise Leadership.4 I really appreciate what TWR is doing in Zimbabwe and particularly in my life. I want to thank TWR for being there during the times when things were not even known to us.  It was only when we started listening to TWR that we learnt a lot. It's easy to study the Word of God through the teachings that you have given to us. It has helped me to study the Bible in an easy and understandable way.

"Thank you for the good work."

Thousands more like Sifiso continue to be blessed like him through the TWR programmes being broadcast to Zimbabwe. He has mentioned three programmes which will be blessed with your gifts - there are 10 others that will also continue. Thanks for helping us keep the broadcasts going!


1. Our listener's name has been changed to protect his identity.
2. Rumutsurudzo means "revival." It is designed to bring revival and encouragement to listeners as they seek to worship the Lord amidst difficult circumstances in Zimbabwe.
3. This is a Bible reading and teaching programme in both Shona and English.
4. This programme is designed to equip leaders with quality leadership principles and skills learnt from the greatest leader, Jesus Christ.
Published 30 June 2010

One of the children reading out her lines in the Witness at the Water drama.  
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