Q&A with Dave Rittenhouse, Acting National Director for TWR-Zimbabwe

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Q&A with Dave Rittenhouse, Acting National Director for TWR-Zimbabwe  

Over the past two years, Dave Rittenhouse has been the acting national director for TWR-Zimbabwe. I asked him a few questions about his experience...

What has your experience been as acting national director?

First of all, it has been a blessing and a privilege to stand in the gap for TWR-Zimbabwe and help to keep the work going through a difficult chapter of the country's history.  I have gotten to know a little bit about the people, culture, and history of Zimbabwe and been blessed by it richly.  More importantly I have seen God at work, and the importance of radio in keeping hope alive through the powerful life-changing message of the Gospel.

How have things been at TWR-Zimbabwe over the past two years?

We have had two full-time staff throughout this period.  I often refer to them as "heroes" for keeping the ministry going through the hardest of times, particularly 2008.  We learned together how to improvise and make do with whatever was available to keep the supply of radio programmes coming from their studio.  Though our employees have titles that would indicate that they make radio programmes (and they do), they have done whatever else is necessary in problem solving.  When the power was unreliable, we got a generator installed so the studios could operate.  When the water was not safe, we got a well dug in the yard at the office which now provides plentiful, safe water.  When the food shops were virtually empty, we managed several times to get a shipment of food over from South Africa for our staff.  God always provided the people we needed to help, whether it was people from our own staff in Johannesburg or other concerned Christians in the area.

Why does there need to be a full time national director?

A national director is vital if the ministry is to have purpose and direction, and if it is to grow.  In an office with a small staff, like ours in Harare, a national director must have some expertise in a number of areas.  There must be both knowledge and interest in such widely diverse areas as human resource development, finance, administration and public relations.  There must be a good ability to communicate, as the national director is the "face" of TWR in Zimbabwe.  This involves raising awareness of the ministry to the public, doing presentations at churches and various Christian gatherings, and representing us to government officials.  The national director also represents the ministry to foreign Christian broadcasters interested in ministering to Zimbabwe.  The national director has to be a person of vision-not just to see things as they are, but as they can become with God's blessing on the ministry.  Most of all, the national director must have a deep relationship with God, a passion to reach the lost and grow disciples of Jesus-a passion that is contagious.

Please join in prayer with us as we anticipate the arrival of a permanent national director for TWR-Zimbabwe in the near future.
Published 30 June 2010

David Rittenhouse  
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