TWR Listeners Respond

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TWR Listeners Respond  

At TWR, there is nothing more exciting than receiving a listener letter which describes the impact that programming has had on their life. In this article, we share a handful of these encouraging responses.

Rudo1, from Zimbabwe says... "each time l listen to Thru the Bible l feel God speaking to me and a real understanding of the Word comes into my life....  I thank God for raising His own teachers of the Word who teach us through the radio.  Your teachings are making me grow..."

Awiti1, a Kenyan listener writes,
I listened to your Wednesday programme in the afternoon and felt renewed, re-energized and blessed.  In fact this show prompted me to write this letter and express my joy.  Having heard the interviews with inmates, I realized that there is still hope after all is gone, and this hope is found in Christ only.  I would like to thank you for reaching out to people who are almost forgotten and I am challenged in that way.  I am now going to inform my friends to listen to your programme, because it gives hope where there is despair, it encourages, it teaches and above all, it preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kenan1, a listener in Malawi texted the following,
Good evening. It is 23:00 and I am listening to TWR.  I do this almost every evening and get blessed and encouraged.  My faith in God through Jesus Christ has gone into another level.  God bless you all.
Tafui1, wrote this to us from Togo,
I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ continues the life of Radio Albarka2. If I should tell you all that this radio has done for me, I will not finish. To be short, it has transformed me since its creation in 2005 until today and especially the broadcasts of TWR which you relay.

Jose1, a Mozambican listener writes,
Many times my neighbour invited us to listen to TWR but we didn't take the time. Then, one of the first days that I did listen, I heard the pastor talking about God: who He is and the reason people adore and honour Him. In addition, he told us that God sent to us the Lord Jesus Christ, His Beloved Son, who died on the Cross and rose again. From this explanation, we understood God's plan for mankind. We contacted the producer and he encouraged us to form a listener group and to join a church. Now we frequent a church in our home district. My will is to invite many new listeners as possible.


1. All names in this article have been changed to protect the identity of our listeners.
2. Programmes from TWR's Vivid satellite service are relayed to four FM stations in Togo, one of which is called Radio Albarka.
Published 12 July 2010

Kenyan listeners on Lamu Island  
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