Q&A with our Programme Compiler, Jacqueline Matukane

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Q&A with our Programme Compiler, Jacqueline Matukane  

Jacqueline Matukane has been working as a programme compiler at TWR for 11 years. She grew up in Hammanskraal, Pretoria, and studied communication and public relations at two colleges in South Africa. She is mom to a four year old boy who keeps her very busy! Read on to find out more about this amazing lady...

How did you land up at TWR?
My pastor, Douglas Mashigo, was working at TWR. Every January he would come to our youth meeting to do a career assessment. The one year, just after I had graduated from college, he told me that TWR was looking for an audio operator. I applied and the rest is history!

What does your job at TWR entail?
I receive programmes over FTP (Internet) and edit them for content. This requires lots and lots of concentration, flexibility, and a good understanding of the English language. It's a lot of pressure but I work in a great team.

What is the best thing about working at TWR?
Meeting different people and getting positive feedback from our listeners. That is very encouraging. I believe our organisation was planted by God in Africa with the purpose of reaching this continent and giving hope to this nation. I am grateful to be part of this!

Do you have a personal motto?
I have two mottos. The first is the advice given to me by my brother on my 21st birthday - “sister, any decision that you make in your life will determine your destiny”. That helped me to be a young girl with morals and never to lose focus in life or make decisions that I will regret in my youth.  I carried that motto all my life. My other motto is, “Don't let someone become a priority in your life when you are just an option in their life!”

What are your likes and dislikes?
Likes: I always make time for myself and God by reading my Bible during the day and singing or listening to the song that I have in my heart for that day.  I love my music especially the songs that bring me really close to His words and His promises. I like gospel music a lot, and also Jazz music. I like going out with my friends or having a ladies talk around the table. I like making new friends and going for outreaches at church. I like spending time with my family especially on Sunday afternoons.

Dislikes: Pretence, ingratitude and grudges!  Grudges are bad for my health and spiritual life because they allow the devil to take part in my daily living.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?
Wow, my baby boy! Especially when he tells me, “Mama you look nice.” I always look forward to a new day. I am curious to see what the day has in store for me. Being part of the family of God gives me hope to face the day. There's this song I like very much which says, “Ain't no need to worry what the night is gonna bring, it will be all over in the morning.” It reminds me that joy comes in the morning.

What three ingredients are necessary to live a fruitful Christian life?
Never lose focus with God. Make God the pillar of your life. Always ask God for peace in all that you do.

What one thing would you pray for the person reading this article?
That God would grant them the desires of their heart and that they would have hope in all circumstances.

Jacqueline Matukane  
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