Courageous Christians Passion for Radio in Madagascar

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Courageous Christians Passion for Radio in Madagascar  

TWR's Rev. Bobo was greeted in Madagascar as a sight for sore eyes. As Scripture Union's (SU) director, Mamy Rokotolehibe, met with him, he said, "We have been looking for you!" For SU, the role of quality radio programmes in equipping the saints in Madagascar has become paramount. They have a studio and are looking for a strategic partner who can assist them in outfitting it and using it to its full potential.

Rev. Bobo also met with Madagascar's Thru The Bible (TTB) producer, Rev. Richard Ravelomanantsoa. He was very excited to reconnect with someone from TWR to share about the great success TTB has been having in Madagascar. TTB is being aired via six FM stations as well as via short wave from Swaziland, and last year 19 churches were planted in Madagascar as a result of the programme! This year, six churches have been planted so far.

A key gatekeeper to broadcasting in Madagascar is Marthe Harvee. Rev. Bobo describes her as an influential and God-fearing woman. She owns a school, and runs 12 radio stations with three more in the pipeline. Because of her passion to reach the lost, she doesn't charge anything for Christian programmes. Rev Bobo says that 35 years ago she began listening to TWR through the Swaziland broadcast, and it was from that time that her inspiration to share the Word through radio ministry became a part of her life.

Sister Marthe said, "For years I have been hoping to get in touch with TWR and to partner with TWR if possible, so that I can preach the gospel to my people." She goes on to say that Rev. Bobo's presence was the answer to her prayers. She used his visit as the spark to fan into flame a united effort amongst broadcasters in Madagascar, by inviting all the broadcasters to a meeting. Rev. Bobo says that in his mind he was thinking, 'She is going to get around 10 representatives from radio broadcasters,' but to his surprise, when he arrived at the venue, he was met by a crowd of approximately 450 to 500 people!

The outcome of this tremendous meeting was the birth of the Madagascar Steering Committee (MSC), which will act as a liaison between TWR and Christian broadcasters in Madagascar. The committee consists of six members who will meet quarterly for fellowship, prayer and evaluation. Also, many needs were identified at the meeting. Please pray for TWR as we seek ways to address those needs in the future.

Rev. Bobo is keen to get stuck in! He says,"What I have seen in Madagascar is like Paul's Macedonian call.1 Thousands are trapped in sin and the despair of this world, waiting for someone to stop and help. I also saw courageous Christians doing the little they can to share the good news with the lost."


1. See Acts 16.

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