The African Church and Goliath

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The African Church and Goliath

David reached into his bag and took out one of the five smooth stones he had collected from the stream. He placed it carefully in his sling and swung it around... once... twice... three times and out it flew. It whistled through the air and struck Goliath right on the forehead. The giant fell to the ground, dead.

The Church is facing many giants today. They come out morning and evening, presenting themselves, railing at us, waiting for our response. Some of them have names: Poverty, Disease, Illiteracy. In October 2010, the Church will be assembling in Cape Town to find ways of bringing the Gospel to a world littered with these giants.

While 4000 of the Church's leaders will be in Cape Town in October, there may be a shepherd in one of the rural areas, who needs to know how to stand tall amidst some of these giants. To be sure, he may have a smooth stone, or several, in his pouch which the church could place in its sling. Cape Town 2010 1needs his input.

Widening the Conversation

These 'shepherds in the wilderness' could simply log onto the Global Conversation web site2 to make their voice heard. But what if they don't have access to the Internet? Well, a network of radio ministries has been brought together in Africa to reach them.  The programme series is called, Down to Earth. For many, the Internet is ethereal - something 'out there.' So, the radio network will bring the conversation 'down to earth' for them so that they can participate. As they respond, their voices will be heard too.

Rudolf Kabutz, of TWR-South Africa explains, "People on the ground can be part of this whole process. It's a two-way exchange - for them to receive and get understanding, and for them to offer their insights into the issues." The clear message is that the radio network wants to play a strategic role in equipping the future leaders of the Church in Africa.

The Programmes: What to Expect

Presently, there are 28 episodes available dealing with nine giants. The programme titles are: Children at Risk, Oral Communicators, Sexual Ethics, Human Trafficking, Sexual Ethics in Marriage, HIV/AIDS, Poverty and Wealth, Prosperity Theology, Evangelism with New Media, and Other Faiths.

Rudolf Kabutz says, "Through listening to the programmes, audiences can understand what the critical issues are for the Church as she moves into the future. They can understand what is involved in each of these issues, and they can go beyond that and contribute their experiences, their understanding, and their insights."

The programmes are being distributed throughout Africa to put them into the hands of as many broadcasters as possible. TWR has already started broadcasting these programmes via their short wave, medium wave and satellite network, reaching into the homes of millions of African listeners. Some of the programmes are available for listening at {}.

What Can You Do?

Pray that God opens the doors to make the distribution of these programmes as wide and deep as possible. There are many smooth stones waiting to be drawn out of the rivers of Africa.



Published: 29 July 2010

The road to the transmitter site in Swaziland.  
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