Project Hannah - Eight Years in Angola

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Project Hannah Angola recently marked its 8th anniversary with a time of prayer and praise. One woman says, "I thank God for this ministry of prayer, for in spite of the problems we have been facing daily the Lord God has been answering and providing for our needs."

Project Hannah was launched at Peace Baptist Church in Angola on 24 May, 2001. In June that same year, it was implemented in the Central Methodist Church. Since then, Project Hannah in Angola has grown tremendously and touched thousands of lives through its prayer ministry, community outreach projects and the radio programme Women of Hope.

There are currently more than 4,000 people (including men and teenagers) who participate in prayer for different groups throughout the country. These prayer groups do evangelism in prisons, maternity wards, hospitals and orphanages in various provinces.

Project Hannah's 8th Anniversary Conference was held on 13 June in Luanda after eight days of prayer and fasting. The 65 women who attended were touched by Guida Margarida da Silva Santana Cabral Jaime's message of "The Secret of the Woman who Fears God." She spoke on seven key areas, namely love, forgiveness, repentance, submission, prayer, faith and humility.

All who attended testified how the Holy Spirit ministered to each of them. At the end of the conference, five women responded to the altar call and committed their lives to the Lord. The women also held a prayer of intercession for Angola, asking for restoration, forgiveness, healing, transformation, salvation and the justice of God.

- 2002:

Women of Hope was broadcast in African Portuguese on short wave from Swaziland.

- 2004:

The African Portuguese Women of Hope began broadcasting on FM in Luanda.

- 2006:

Project Hannah women in the province of Lubango prayed against pornography. Within a few months, the provincial government closed the offending places.

- 2007:

In February intercessors worldwide prayed against domestic violence. In April the First Lady proposed a draft law against domestic violence in Parliament.

- 2008:

Project Hannah's national co-ordinator held partnership meetings with the directors of several radio stations. Women of Hope programmes are now aired for free in Namibe, Benguela and Bié.

- 2009:

After two weeks of prayer for women in prison, the President gave amnesty to many prisoners.

"I want to encourage my sisters to stand firm in the Lord and not faint," says one woman. "Love is the best prayer."

Praise God for the work He has done through Project Hannah over the last eight years. Pray that He will continue to minister to women through the programmes and that all who listen will turn to Him.