Throwing Starfish

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Throwing Starfish  

There's a story you may have heard, with many variations... Here is my version: A young girl walks along the beach one day when she notices a strange phenomenon - thousands of starfish are washed up on the shore. In their midst stands a man. It looks like he's exercising… Up and down he goes, arms swinging in the air. As she gets closer, she realises he's not exercising - he's throwing starfish back into the water! One-by-one he bends over, picks them up and hurls them back into the waves. The little girl is astonished and asks, "What difference can you possibly make? There are too many!" The man bends over, picks up a starfish and throws it into the sea, and turning he looks at her and says, "It made a difference to that one."

The St. Francis Care Centre is like that man standing on the shore. Right now, up to 48 terminally ill patients have a place of care and support; up to 30 abandoned and orphaned children have a place of safety and love, hundreds have a supply of anti-retroviral treatments; and many more who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS are receiving care and assistance in their homes. So Instead of dying alone and destitute, or living on the streets, or living in fear, these marginalised folk are being given a place of refuge, a haven of hope.1

This amazing place is right around the corner from the TWR-South Africa and TWR-Africa offices. Last month, a team of TWR employees visited the centre, and an exciting project was born. Winfred Oppong-Amoako of TWR-Africa says, "It is only through collaboration that the fight against HIV/AIDS and the task of the Great Commission can be achieved." So TWR-SA and TWR-Africa are teaming up with the St. Francis Care Center, and will set up a system over which TWR programmes can be heard throughout the centre. The programmes will cover a broad range of topics and audiences to teach, entertain, comfort and inform.

Some of the goals of this project are as follows:
  * Provide health education on HIV/AIDS and other health issues;
  * Give children at risk in the Centre an opportunity to enjoy their childhood through our children's story programmes;
  * Reduce risk behaviours through our HIV/AIDS and life-style programmes;
  * And most importantly, share the love of God and salvation message of Jesus Christ.
Many of us take for granted our ability to turn on the radio, not to mention our access to terabytes of Internet content. Yet, for those at St. Francis Care Centre, this collaboration will create a really unique experience for them. Please pray that these programmes will deeply impact those who listen to them.



Published: 29 July 2010 

An AIDS orphan being looked after at the St Francis Care Centre.  
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