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TWR Supports Pastors  

Recently I read an article by a very popular preacher in America. In it he described his approach to sermon preparation. The first thing he does is to place the sermon text up on his computer in English-Greek or English-Hebrew. He then reads through the original language while getting all the help he needs through the computer software. At this early stage of the preparation, he has already had more access to tools and information than many pastors in Africa can ever dream of having. That's not to mention his doctoral level education which allows him to draw from a deep well of knowledge.

Some pastors have such a multiplicity of resources to draw from that they have a hard time deciding which one to use. Not so for many pastors in Africa. All they have is a Bible, unless even a Bible is not available in their language! So, many rely on TWR radio programmes to provide them with resources to help them grow and minister to their people. A TWR missionary in Benin says this,            

By God's grace, if we can help influence pastors and if we can help deepen the spiritual life of pastors, and broaden their knowledge of the Scriptures, it will have tremendous benefits. By God's grace it would result in better preaching and more effective ministry... ultimately, it will hopefully help them to develop deeper relationships with God within their congregations.

On a trip to Voi, Kenya, one pastor was asked about the impact TWR's FM station (Sifa FM) is having. This is what he had to say...

"My name is Rev. Moses. I work with Africa Inland Church, Voi. I'm a pastor. I love Jesus Christ. He is my personal Saviour. I have been listening to Sifa FM for about one year. Sifa FM has impacted my life because when I listen, I take all the words that they say seriously, and they help me in my spiritual life. I preach the word of God to my church and to others, and they benefit. Some people are saved, and others change their lives. Also, when I listen to various programmes from Sifa FM I am able to get lots of advice.

"There is a diversity of programmes - there are so many things that I do not know although I am a preacher! So, when I listen to them I understand so many things which I did not know before.

"I love Sifa FM very much and I am requesting that those who are working with Sifa FM, those who are helping us from abroad, to continue supporting Sifa FM... so that we can continue listening to the gospel. May God bless you and may God bless those who have been supplying these programmes so that the rest of the world, and the Voi people, can listen to the Word of God. Glory be to God!"

Please pray for Rev. Moses and consider supporting Sifa FM.

Published: 31 August 2010
Rev Moses.  
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