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A Christmas Message From Dr. Emmanuel Mbennah

Posted in OLD The Archive

International Director for TWR's Africa Region

God's desire is that the poor hear the Good News, the brokenhearted be healed and those in various forms of bondage, released. He desires that the enemies oppressing His people are overcome and removed, be they disease, hunger, injustice, or hopelessness. To those who mourn, God desires that they be comforted.

When His people have been restored to the fullness of life, they will become visible symbols of righteousness and a platform for all others to behold the beauty of God. This is the beautiful picture of spiritual, social, physical and economic transformation of God's people everywhere. This is God's desired state for the people of Africa as well.

The results of a people that have been thus transformed are remarkable: They will be called priests and ministers of the LORD. This transformation will also mean that the people will no longer bear shame or disgrace, but instead they will have everlasting joy. Furthermore, the generations that come from them will be known among the nations and shall be acknowledged everywhere that they are a people whom God has blessed.

God sent to us His one and only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, so that His people would be able to experience life in all of its fullness. And so as the multitude of angels sang in that blessed, silent night, we too sing, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."

Published: 10 December 2009