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Project SamuelOutreach to Children

Project Samuel (PS)
reaches out to children ages 0-12 years. It is based on the calling of Samuel, the boy who brought change and hope to his community. PS offers every child the potential to hear from God and make a godly difference.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the youngest region of the world with nearly half the population under the age of 15. The opportunity to reach children is vast. From pre-school to school-aged teenagers, and from the city to rural Africa, children have their whole lives ahead of them to be used of God to do great and mighty things.

TWR’s programmes focus on children’s spiritual, physical and psycho-social development, reaching them wholistically. The programmes include: Witness at the Water (W@W) and Project Samuel Clubs (PS Clubs).

Witness at the Water
teal cloudsWitness at the Water (W@W) Junior reaches 3-7 year olds through a 3-5 minute mini-drama series, while W@W Senior reaches 7-12 year olds with a 15-minute drama series. Both include songs and spiritual lessons.

W@W takes children, via radio drama, into the lives of four children with their grandmother. The interaction between each other, family and community reveals their successes and failures, crises and celebration. The listener is drawn to Jesus, the living water, to give life answers.


Headings Project-Samuel-Clubs

Project Samuel Clubs help us increase contact and interaction with children. PS Club members meet bi-weekly to discuss the W@W drama using a study guide. In addition, they meet quarterly for seminars on various relevant issues to children. PS Club members are sponsored through a local Church ensuring that they are consistently discipled.

TWR Focus on Children
TWR speaks on behalf of children and youth to raise awareness and to challenge and work with - the family, the Church, the community, policy makers, the media and civil society to take appropriate action on issues affecting them.

Current Partners in our Project Samuel Ministry
orange cloudMedia leaves a significant impression on children. Through Project Samuel, partners with TWR have the opportunity to impact children with a message of hope in the Gospel. Some of our current partners include:

  • ERF Medien
  • Open Schools Worldwide (OSWW)
  • Churches
  • Businesses Against AIDS
  • ECONET Burundi
  • Awana (4-14 Global Initiative)

Invitation to Partner with TWR
You can also be part of the great and exciting things God is doing through Witness at the Water, a ministry of Project Samuel by:

  • Praying
  • Sharing about TWR's ministry to others
  • Volunteering
  • Supporting financially