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P128-F051Project J2Y is all about making the next generation passionate about God, His Word and His world. It’s about introducing them to the Saviour and helping them live to their full potential in Him.

Nearly half of the people in Africa are younger than 25 years old. If we can reach this generation with the Gospel of Jesus, they can become agents of transformation – the light and salt of the earth. Whether they are trafficked, illiterate, school drop-outs, street children or royalty, they can be used of God to do great and mighty things. TWR’s programmes focus on their spiritual, physical and psycho-social development, thus reaching them wholistically. These programmes include: Equipped for Life [E4L] and Project J2Y Clubs.

Equipped for Life

P041-A011E4L is a 30-minute engaging audio programme series for young people consisting of 15 minutes of life transforming teaching, 10 minutes of peer-to-peer interaction between studio guests and the audience, and five minutes of music to encourage a godly, responsible lifestyle.

The kind of topics used in this programme cover all of the issues young people face in today’s challenging world. Also, music is important to young people, not only helping them express themselves, but also in influencing their behaviour, so the choice of music plays a vital role in the programme.

Project J2Y Clubs

Project J2Y Clubs help us increase contact and facilitate engagement with young people. They meet bi-weekly to discuss E4L programmes, and gather quarterly for seminars, where various issues are addressed. Project J2Y Club members are sponsored through a local church ensuring that they are consistently discipled.

TWR's Focus on Young People

TWR speaks on behalf of young people to raise awareness and to challenge and work with – the family, the Church, the community, policy makers, the media, and civil society to take appropriate action on issues affecting them.

Current Partners in Our Project J2Y Ministry

August 2009 299 79Media leaves a significant impression on youth. Partners with TWR have the opportunity to impact the lives of young people for Christ through the Project J2Y ministry. Some of our current partners include:

  • ERF Medien
  • Open Schools Worldwide (OSWW)
  • Churches
  • Businesses Against AIDS
  • ECONET Burundi
  • Awana (4-14 Global Initiative)

Invitation to Partner with TWR

You can also be part of the great and exciting things God is doing through Equipped for Life and Project J2Y by:

  • Praying
  • Sharing about TWR’s ministry to others
  • Volunteering
  • Supporting financially