Staff Story: Creatively & Diligently Serving God Together

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Staff Story: Creatively & Diligently Serving God Together


David and Flora Rittenhouse are a powerful yet humble husband and wife team that have been working as missionaries with TWR for over three decades. David has served with TWR Africa since 2005 in various roles, most notably as TWR Africa’s accountant and Zimbabwe Ministry Director for several years. Flora served the region first as Communications Coordinator and in recent years as Project Hannah assistant. She also used her skills of writing and photography where opportunities arose.

After having served in the Africa region for eight years, the Rittenhouses are relocating to serve at TWR’s International Corporate Offices later this month. We asked colleagues who worked with them closely, to share about the David and Flora’s life and work in Africa.

Becky Uhden, TWR Africa’s Finance Director has many positive memories of working with David. “David is a diligent, thought-provoking man of integrity who has kept me on my toes, and provided much relief with accounting skills,” says Becky. She will remember David’s desire to see people learn and grow. “The testimony of his time in Africa is his faithfulness to what God has called him to do and his willingness to step in where needed. On a more personal note, he taught me about balancing work and family life.”

Programme Development Director John Ragsdale will remember Flora’s persistent zeal. He believes her greatest achievement with TWR Africa has been her book Reaching Beyond Barriers. “All the research she put into that, and the way she looked at it through the eyes of different people, enabled her to write this book that was representative of different people’s perspectives. The book tells the story very well of the great need for the Gospel in West Africa,” says John.

Ruth Mbennah, Project Hannah’s Regional Coordinator with whom Flora worked closely, spoke very affectionately of Flora, observing that “the way she smiles outside, that is how her heart also smiles.” Ruth goes on to say: “Flora is a role model as a mother, grandmother and a worker in Christ. I am going to miss her. Nobody can compare with Flora!”

David and Flora testify of God’s faithfulness during the past decades of working with TWR. “He’s always been there when I needed Him. He knows what I need, not necessarily what I want, is gracious and gives it to me,” says David.

David has always had a desire to reach the world for Jesus. “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want everybody to know Jesus,” says David. Whether nearby, or in a remote part of Africa, he is grateful to play a part in the Gospel reaching African people, and helping them to grow in their faith.

Flora marvels at what God has done through her work and TWR Africa ministry. “Over the years God has taken this shy person that I used to be and just given me the world…it’s just amazing!” she says.

Flora has seen God working in her from being a shy girl afraid of playing piano in church to a confident woman who loves to talk to people publicly about what God is doing around the world and in her life. “God had to work in me and show me who I could be with giving my life to Him. And I’m still in the process!” says Flora. “He has proved Himself to me through so many things in our lives. We have so many miracles, and provisions and experiences. Numerous, numerous things have happened that we look back at and say ‘Wow! There is no way that that just happened!’”

David concludes that he is making sure he is a strong link in the chain so that TWR can keep reaching people for Jesus. “God has a place for each one of us that nobody else can quite fill, and I want to fill that spot.”

Although they will be based in the city of Cary, North Carolina, David will continue to be the Africa region accountant, and Flora will continue to be involved in the Project Hannah women’s ministry. Please pray for them as they move back to their homeland, continuing to serve God - together.


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