Providing Ministry Opportunities for Students

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Providing Ministry Opportunities for Students

Web Size Template InternIt's the Summer Holidays! This is something that University students always look forward to. However, for some students, they want to use this 'free time' to exercise their skills in the field of their relevant studies, but not just anywhere. They want to use what they have learnt in the Missions Field to serve God. TWR provides an internship program that gives students, who are at least two years into University, an opportunity to work according to their field of studies in various regions around the world. While out in the field, they'll get to work on various projects with a Mentor who will also be their Father/Mother figure while away from home.

Jonathan Crook, 23, was an intern who was into his fourth year of studying Mechanical Engineering at LeTourneau University in Texas...

Jonathan recently had the experience of a life time to work with the team in Swaziland on various projects for seven weeks. From a young age, Jonathan felt a call to missions, yet he was unsure of how Mechanical Engineering could be used to serve God. He found out that it was possible while in Swaziland. The biggest project given to him in Swaziland was to design a crane to lift a key component in and out of the radio transmitter which he completed successfully. He had other projects like doing inspections for rust or faults on the towers. When asked to give one word to describe his internship, Jonathan said: "Incredible!" For him, the work experience he had and getting to live in a different culture were life changing, insightful and developmental for him. It also confirmed God's calling on his life to the Missions Field. When asked whether other students should contemplate doing an internship with TWR, he replied "If Missions if for you, then yes! Definitely do an internship!"

TWR can use students studying anything from finance to writing, photography or even mechanical or electrical engineering. If you feel God has called you to serve Him, why not consider an internship with TWR. Not only does the internship offer an opportunity to exercise your skills, but also allows you to discover whether you are called to missions, you'll get to work and serve with other missionaries and, for some, even get first-hand experience of living in another culture.



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