Prayer is foundational to TWR's ministry.
"The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." - James 5:16 

Prayer calendar downloads (3/21)

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Pray for TWR in October

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Please pray for TWR in October

1 Thank God for radio stations who air TWR programmes, albeit often early in morning or late at night. We are blessed to learn of listeners who tune in regardless of the time of day.

2 Please pray for all the young African TWR listeners. Pray that students will not lose heart but continue to work hard towards a good education and thus inspire their peers.

3 Praise God for new opportunities to broadcast into South Sudan. The Juba Arabic and English programmes currently aired will deliver hope to this young, developing nation. Ask God to open more doors for ministry in the country.

4 Pray for continued support for churches and missionaries who bring light to those in darkness; especially those who are persecuted, tortured, imprisoned or in danger of being killed for their faith.

5 David Irondi, Assistant ID/Project Manager, West and Central Africa (WeCAF) is celebrating his birthday today. Please pray God’s favour and grace upon his life and ministry.

6 Praise God for TWR’s German partner, Christian media broadcasting company ERF Medien (Evangeliums Rundfunk), who supports many TWR Africa projects. Pray for God’s blessing upon them.

7 We give thanks to God today for TWR’s prayer partners – for precious people like YOU! Pray with us that God will bless all TWR’s prayer partners by strengthening their walk with Him and providing in their needs.

8 We rejoice in the Lord for the Thru the Bible Igbo broadcasts from both the West Africa Transmitting Station (WATS), and a local FM station in Nigeria. Audience feedback shows that many listeners turn to Jesus and grow spiritually through the broadcasts.

9 Water is one of the most valuable yet scares commodities in many parts of Africa. With droughts often exacerbating socio-economic issues, please continually pray for rain!

10 Ask God to grant good health and joy in the service of Nelis Oosthuizen, TWR Compiler, who celebrates his birthday today.

11 Thank God for long-time and new TWR ministry partners. Through partnership many more people groups are reached with the Good News.

12 Pray for the fruitful ministry of TWR Kenya National Director, Bernice Gatere, and her staff. Praise God for the change their message brings to that nation!

13 Millions in the West-Africa region are yearning for peace and safety. Pray that God will beset the hearts and minds of war-mongering radical leaders.

14 Bring Abdoulaye, West and Central Africa International Director, and his team to the Lord. Ask the Holy Spirit to give them wisdom and strength as they expand TWR ministry in the region.

15 Pray for the transition happening in TWR Kenya’s youngest station, Atoo Sifa, in the Kakuma refugee camp. Established six months ago, it is now being handed over to the newly appointed local Station Manager with TWR’s inaugural staff relocating back to Nairobi.

16 Praise God for the collaboration between TWR and the National Broadcasting Corporation, Channel 7, and Hitradio Namibia for broadcasting TWR content to people in Namibia.

17 Pray for growing audience interaction in Zulu programmes, especially children’s programmes in extended areas of KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa, through new affiliations with FM stations.

18 Pray for TWR Africa’s Technical Department as they supply equipment and provide technical support for TWR staff working from home during lock-down periods.

19 TWR’s programmes and projects for Africa require urgent funding. Pray for breakthroughs in our fundraising appeals in South Africa and abroad. We trust God to provide through His people.

20 Praise God for Die Bybel vir Vandag; the Afrikaans version of Thru the Bible. Pray especially that listeners in the Cape Flats, South Africa, who experience gang related violence daily, will be encouraged and strengthened in their faith.

21 Pray for inspiration needed in the making of new programmes on topics of drug abuse and trafficking to bring about change in the lives of people involved in these practices.

22 Thank the Lord for TWR’s relationship with various church denominations. Please pray for TWR as we join the church in making disciples of all nations through different media platforms.

23 Waldo Badenhorst, TWR Africa Technician is celebrating his birthday today. Pray for good health, a close walk with the Lord and joy in his service.

24 Pray for the Knowing God drama series broadcast in the Kiswahili language for the Suba people of northern Tanzania. Close to 130 000 can hear the gospel and have an opportunity to give their lives to Christ and grow in their faith.

25 Let us pray for many listeners who respond to TWR Zulu programmes, many of whom ask for prayer for dire needs in their lives.

26 Pray that God will guide the TWR West and Central African programme producers of several regional languages in content creation and production aimed at winning souls for Christ.

27 Pray for safety and protection of TWR Kenya’s production team who continue to produce programmes amid the Covid threat. They run on a studio system where only those who need to record travel to the studio. However, many of them use public transportation and thus the level of exposure remains high!

28 Nola Fischer is in God’s provision, one day older today. Nola serves the Lord in the Finance Department from TWR Africa’s Regional Office. Pray that God may continue to grant her wisdom and supply in all her needs.

29 Pray for persecuted brothers and sisters in Africa who fear for their lives because they believe in Jesus. Pray that God will grant them wisdom to share this Good News with fellow citizens.

30 Pray that God will prosper ERF Namibia’s Board in their endeavour to continue broadcasting TWR’s German programmes to the German-speaking population of Southern Africa.

31 Pray that the TWR Nigeria’s specially designed outreach for young people, called Catch Them Young, will induce change in the lives of the youth in that country.