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"The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." - James 5:16

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Pray for TWR in May

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Please pray for TWR in May

1 Today is Labour Day in South Africa. Thank God for His provision of a workforce in our country. May God hear the cries of unemployed TWR listeners. Pray that they draw encouragement and strength from TWR’s broadcasts.

2 In the month of May 1974, TWR’s third transmitter site started broadcasts from Cyprus. Thank God for the gospel legacy of TWR’s founders and for His endless provision of broadcast resources.

3 Today is Petros Gwala’s birthday. May the Lord equip him for his provision of leadership to the Zulu ministry, South Africa. We also commemorate the World Press Freedom Day, today. Please pray for continued media and religious freedom in SA.

4 Today is Lorraine Stavropoulos’s birthday. Ask God to bless her and thank God for her good health and joy in service.

5 Pray for TWR’s ministry in Kenya. Thank God for the leadership of Bernice Gatere and her dedicated team. May they witness the fruit of their labour in their lifetime!

6 Pastor Berti, a former officer in a former Communist country was tasked with monitoring TWR’s broadcasts, which led him to faith in Christ. Thank God for airwaves that still carry the gospel unhindered over borders!

7 Pray for the new TWR Hope in Hard Times programmes, that provide practical help and spiritual upliftment to Africans who suffer from the effects of disasters, inclusive of the current Covid-pandemic.

8 Jesus reminded His disciples that they too will suffer persecution for His sake. Pray for Christians in Africa who, as disciples of Christ, suffer serious persecution. (Jn 15:18-19)

9 Bring before the Lord those of TWR and our fellow workers who risk their lives to furnish vulnerable and persecuted listeners with radio’s, audio devices, gospel tracts and CD’s.

10 Thuly Sitole, our domestic worker at TWR in KwaZulu-Natal celebrates her birthday today. Pray that the Lord will give her wisdom and replenish her health and strength for her tasks.

11 Pray for funds needed for development of health programmes and for ongoing scheduling of COVID-related programmes.

12 Today is International Nurses Day. Pray for all nurses who risk their lives in their communal fight against Covid-19.

13 Pray that God will keep our transmitters at Eswatini mechanically sound so that schedules remain intact, the signals strong and airing of programmes neither disrupted nor delayed.

14 Are we doing enough to reach the youth of Africa with the Gospel? Pray that God will provide us with passionate content creators capable of composing compelling programmes!

15 May is observed as the International Day of Families, highlighting the importance of caregivers in families and need of parental education for the welfare of children. Pray that God will use TWR’s broadcasts of Focus on the Family programmes to provide healing and encouragement that will enable families to thrive.

16 Let us pray for God’s intervention in the lives of many listeners who respond to Zulu programmes produced by TWR, some of whom are despondent, have needs and ask for prayer.

17 Lyn Burnett, Assistant to TWR’s Women of Hope ministry, celebrates her birthday today. May the Lord richly bless and keep her and fill her life with His joy for the new year.

18 On this day in 1999, TWR established the Caribbean Gospel Network on the island of Bonaire. Praise God for this station which now also carries the Good News to Cuba!

19 Thank God for prayer warriors, who, like yourself, present TWR’s ministry to God in prayer. Your intercession is a vital link in the execution of Jesus’ Great Commission (Matt 28:19)

20 Several listeners request prayers for deliverance from the burden of financial debt. Bring them before the Lord today and ask for their release from this yoke.

21 Pray for breakthroughs in TWR’s endeavour to reach more of Africa’s oral, illiterate communities. May God’s Spirit reveal His truth to them at their tuning in to our programmes.

22 Thank God with us today for TWR donors and who continue to support TWR Africa to keep the ministry running and rooted in God. May God bless you!

23 Praise God that TWR Malawi successfully completed the production of the series Christ to the World which speaks hope to people.

24 Pray for the Voice of the Church, TWR’s National partner in Eswatini, asking that their broadcasts reach the hearts of many listeners in Eswatini and neighbouring countries.

25 Pray for the improvement and reliability of TWR’s Internet network connections in parts of Africa. Pray that sustainable solutions be found in support of new programme distribution.

26 Pray that God will pour out His Spirit of healing over the troubled youth of South Africa. May those held captive by substance abuse find deliverance in Him! (Luke 4:18)

27 Pray that Jesus will be the close portion of the Persecuted Church in northern Nigeria. May our brothers and sisters find much comfort in the TWR broadcasts trained on this troubled region.

28 Pray for wisdom for the TWR Burundi team in their ongoing programme production. Pray for breakthroughs and notably for the Thru the Bible programmes in Lingala.

29 Present to God the management and staff of TWR Kenya’s Sifa FM network. Pray His protection over those stations strategically located to reach into hostile territories.

30 Pray that God will affirm and envelop in love those of TWR’s workers who unduly feel that theirs is an insignificant role within the TWR ministry. (Cor 12:21)

31 Praise God for a global agreement with Biblica which opened the way for the audio adaptation of Biblica material into much needed Portuguese programmes.