Audience Officer (Lusophone Countries)

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Position Name:
Audience Officer (Lusophone Countries)
Location: Kempton Park, South Africa
Position Type: Salaried: Six months fixed term contract

PURPOSE of the role

The Audience Officer (Lusophone Countries) provides assistance to support ministry in the Lusophone countries. With a focus on managing and organizing audience interactions and the outputs from these, the role requires a candidate with the background and understanding of the culture of the Lusophone countries. Fluency in Portuguese and English is a requirement for this role. The Audience Officer (Lusophone Countries) will specifically work to:

  1. Improve ministry performance in Angola and Mozambique, focusing on the key measure of audience engagement and audience reporting through, amongst others the development of the ministry on the ground and encouraging the flow of audience information in particular.
  2. Ensure on-time production of Portuguese programmes and other languages associated with Lusophone countries.
  3. Ensure the required flow of information in the form of audience reports, statistical reports and listeners stories and testimonies for these countries. Focus points are TTB Portuguese and TTB Umbundu which are serviced from Angola.
  4. Encourage the restructuring of the ministry in Angola going from the current structure to the envisaged new structure in collaboration with identified ministry partners. Develop a transition plan for this goal.
  5. Establish strong networks for audience engagement, feedback, and relations, working in cooperation with the Audience Relations Manager at ASC.
  6. Provide language support for the legal and financial transition in Angola.
  7. Gather information, maintain and build capacity in the area of relevant audio media platforms (broadcast outlets, internet, new media, etc.).

focus areas

  1. Model servant leadership.
  2. Establish and maintain trust relationships with ministry partners.

working conditions

During the continuing lockdown, the role is home-based. TWR will equip the worker appropriately for home-based working.

experience requirement

  1. Experience of working in multi-cultural/international ministry.
  2. Fluency in speaking, reading and writing and able to conduct business in both languages: English and Portuguese.

QUALIFICATIONS and core competencies

  1. A strong sense of calling to ministry and servanthood.
  2. Commitment to TWR’s vision and mission statement, strategic direction, core values, TWR’s statement of faith.
  3. Knowledge, skill and mental acumen appropriate to this responsible role.
  4. General knowledge of the history, structure, operations of TWR, as well as the changing media landscape, funding and partnering models in missions
  5. High level of interpersonal, social, communication skills in English and Portuguese.
  6. Ability to establish and maintain effective interpersonal relations across a variety of cultures.
  7. Strong sense of calling and “modeling the message” to enable others to fulfill their calling and ministry.
  8. A willingness to work with teams and to practice the servant leadership style in the day-to-day work.
  9. Ability to work effectively in teams.
  10. Active church membership in protestant/evangelical church.

To apply please send a detailed CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.